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I have 2 domains registered with Network Solutions for my business. I decided for simplicity sake I would use their web hosting services and their email hosting services as well so I could handle everything with one company.

Huge mistake. The first time I tried to show my website to a potential customer, it was down. Then I started noticing it was down at least 2-3 times a day at random times. Then I started getting complaints from people saying I did not respond to their emails.

That soon pointed out that I wasn't getting their emails at all. Three days later I get their emails. This happened repeatedly until I moved my email services to Google for business. I am fed up with their crappy service so today I decided to move my web hosting services to Godaddy (which by the way has excellent service so far)...

but when I tried to cancel my web hosting plan with Network Solutions I couldn't find a way to cancel it online. No big deal, I thought, I'll just call them and cancel it. I called their customer service number to cancel it and after going through their menu system to reach a representative, their phone system hangs up on me just before transferring me to an agent. Then I tried to speak with them via their online support chat.

What did they do? Tell me to call. I told them of the trouble I already had in my attempts to call so they gave me another number. I called that number, went through the same menu options as before, and guess what happens?

It hangs up. I have called 7 times using different customer support numbers trying to find a way to reach someone and end up with the same result every time. So then I decided to log into my account again and look around more to see if I can find a way to cancel the service or another way to reach them. Finally I submitted a trouble ticket, to which I have gotten zero response after a full business day has gone by.

I tried to login again just now to try and chat with them again... can't login, get an error that says "I'm sorry, we cannot process your request at this time, please try again later." They can't even manage their own company website, I have had this problem frequently when trying to use their site. Why should I continue to trust them with my company site? Sad thing is, I can't use their crappy service, but apparently I can't cancel it either.

I have NEVER had such a bad experience. This is supposed to be a large, reputable company but instead I feel like I'm dealing with little some fly-by-night operation who doesn't give a *** about their customers at all.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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